• New EHR

    Dear Patients, Due to the rising cost of our current Electronic Health Record system, we have switched from Practice Fusion to a new system, effective 6/1/2018.  We expect to see a number of improvements with the change, including a more reliable message system. Unfortunately, due to the change, we will no longer have access to the […]

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    New EHR

  • Avoiding BPA

    A recent study (see below) has demonstrated that it is even harder than we though to avoid BPA, which can disrupt hormone levels.  Here are some tips on ways to avoid BPA: use glass storage and water bottles (Klean Kanteen is one brand that is safe to use) use bottles made from stainless steel that does […]

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    Avoiding BPA

  • Membership Program!

    Dear patients, We are all concerned about the many changes taking place with insurance providers in 2018.  These changes will be affecting all of us, and we recognize the challenges many of our patients will be facing in the next year.  To help reduce the financial burden of healthcare, we have developed a membership program […]

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    Membership Program!

  • Food Sensitivity Testing

  • Fight the Flu with Acupuncture!

    Acupuncture for Prevention and Treatment of Colds and Flus With the weather changing, and cold and flu season upon us, you may well be looking for ways to support your immune system.  Have you considered how acupunture might help you ward off sickness? Q: Is acupuncture useful for preventing colds and flus? In Chinese medicine, […]

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    Fight the Flu with Acupuncture!

  • Injection Therapy

    Injection therapies can be a game changer in the battle against chronic pain.  In my practice I have seen dramatic improvements in long-standing conditions after just one treatment.  These techniques can provide lasting relief when other options have failed. The therapy is based on the use of a short-acting local anesthetic called procaine, which acts […]

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    Injection Therapy

  • Sunburn Relief

    Sunburnt?  Not after you try this. Fortunately we are all aware of the amazing healing properties of aloe.  It’s amazing what one plant has been able to provide for us through all of our mishaps in the sun.  Usually less is more, but there is an amazing plant duo which will speed up healing time […]

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    Sunburn Relief

  • Hydration

    Alternative Solutions to Hydrate this Summer We are constantly reminded to drink more water throughout our day, but what if we could spice things up to get even more benefits from our hydration goals?  Hydrating isn’t just about drinking enough water for your body’s basic needs, it is also about ensuring proper electrolyte levels to […]

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HCG Weight Loss

Want to lose up to a pound a day in a safe, medically supervised program? Check out our Clean and Lean HCG Weight Loss Program. It allows you to: Rid yourself of excess weight that you could never lose before. Reset your metabolism to its optimal setting. Reach optimal energy and ideal mood. Reduce elevated blood […]

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What is Naturopathy?

What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathic medicine is founded on trust—trust in the body’s innate ability to heal; trust in the natural remedies that support healing; and trust in advances in both science and medicine which have provided an even greater understanding of the healing process of the human body.

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Dr. Jena cheers a young patient.

Our Healthcare Services

Our doctors are primary care physicians. They see adults and children for preventive care, wellness, and for the treatment of acute and chronic illness. A primary care physician (PCP) is the first point of contact for a patient.

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Connect with your doctor on ChARM

Do you have questions for your doctor about prescriptions, supplements, symptoms, or other health issues?  Call the clinic at (206) 535-8867 to set up your account with our new electronic health records system, ChARM.  Already have an account set up?  Just follow the link below.