• Bare Feet

    Benefits of Being Barefoot Earthing is the term given to the practice of simply taking off your shoes and joining your bare skin to Mother Earth’s.  All day long, we build up a positive electrical charge that needs to be neutralized by the earth’s negative ions.  Our bodies were meant to be in communication with their environment, […]

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    Bare Feet

  • Hydration

    Alternative Solutions to Hydrate this Summer We are constantly reminded to drink more water throughout our day, but what if we could spice things up to get even more benefits from our hydration goals?  Hydrating isn’t just about drinking enough water for your body’s basic needs, it is also about ensuring proper electrolyte levels to […]

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  • Trauma Relief

    In terms of societal goals, reducing childhood trauma is something we could probably all agree upon. One of the ways that researchers have measured childhood trauma is by looking at the number of different types of traumatic events that a child experiences.  These are termed adverse childhood events and given the acronym ACEs. One of the […]

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    Trauma Relief

  • Essential Oils

    3 Tips to Invite Clarity & Tranquility with Essential Oils Aroma acupoint therapy is the art of skillfully applying essential oils onto specific meridians of the body. Utilizing the energetics that plants provide makes for a truly creative and revitalizing experience.  Next time you find yourself in a quiet space, give these a try. Bergamot: […]

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    Essential Oils

  • Immune Assessment

    From the desk of Dr. Rak – One of my interests in medicine is the study of inappropriate immune responses.  These responses can manifest as seasonal allergies, food sensitivities, or autoimmunity.  When the immune system is devoting effort to non-infectious causes, this often allows infectious pathogens to exist in the body unaccounted for.  Lately, I […]

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    Immune Assessment

  • Stress and Gut Bacteria

    Understanding the relationship between your gut and brain is key to optimizing digestion and improving stress levels. These two seemingly separate organs are strongly connected via the vagus nerve. This nerve delivers messages between the enteric and central nervous system. Eating while in a state of stress causes decreased absorption of nutrients by reduction of […]

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    Stress and Gut Bacteria

  • Keep Those Peels

    We are all accustomed to peeling fruits and vegetables, tossing away the rinds.  But what if these seemingly inedible plant parts are actually beneficial to us?  As it turns out, the rinds of many fruits are loaded with powerful phytochemicals that nourish, detoxify, and scavenge free radicals found within our bodies. Here’s a list of […]

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    Keep Those Peels

  • Elderberry Syrup

    Elderberry Syrup: A Household Staple Are you wondering why everyone around you seems to be talking about elderberries these days? With this years’ flu outbreaks and recurrent upper respiratory infections, we cannot get enough of these dark blue berries. They’re rich in Vitamin C and are powerful allies in combating colds and flu and can […]

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    Elderberry Syrup

HCG Weight Loss

Want to lose up to a pound a day in a safe, medically supervised program? Check out our Clean and Lean HCG Weight Loss Program. It allows you to: Rid yourself of excess weight that you could never lose before. Reset your metabolism to its optimal setting. Reach optimal energy and ideal mood. Reduce elevated blood […]

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What is Naturopathy?

What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathic medicine is founded on trust—trust in the body’s innate ability to heal; trust in the natural remedies that support healing; and trust in advances in both science and medicine which have provided an even greater understanding of the healing process of the human body.

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Dr. Jena cheers a young patient.

Our Healthcare Services

Our doctors are primary care physicians. They see adults and children for preventive care, wellness, and for the treatment of acute and chronic illness. A primary care physician (PCP) is the first point of contact for a patient.

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