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Full Circle Natural Medicine is a medical practice of patient-centered care, integrating naturopathic and allopathic therapies to care for the whole person — body, mind and spirit.

We invite you to meet our medical staff.


Dr. Jena Peterson, ND

Jena Peterson, ND

Dr. Jena Peterson, ND

Dr. Jena Peterson is the owner and Medical Director of Full Circle Natural Medicine. In private practice since 2004, Dr. Jena specializes in family medicine, preventative medicine focused on treating the individual, and is passionate about working with children, adults and difficult-to-diagnose cases. Her formal education and varied life experiences have equipped her to work with the following conditions:

  • Autism
  • Autoimmune Disease
  • Family Medicine, including children, babies and pregnant women
  • GI disorders, including celiac disease and other difficult to treat cases
  • Chronic Fatigue/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Chronic Lyme and other associated Diseases (Lyme Literate Doctor)
  • Mold Toxicity syndromes
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Endocrine Disorders, including PMS, menopause, adrenal disorders, and thyroid disorders
  • Difficult Medical Puzzles and Difficult to diagnose cases

Dr. Peterson has a background in healing arts from Reiki and Massage Therapy practice to Mental Health Counseling of teens with substance abuse and alcoholism problems. Dr. Jena is licensed in massage therapy, Reiki, and Craniosacral Therapy. She obtained an undergraduate Bachelors of Science degree with a major in Psychology and minors in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from the University of Arizona, graduating with honors. Dr. Jena graduated from Bastyr University with a degree in Naturopathic Medicine, and completed a Family Medicine Residency in Seattle.

She has a variety of educational experiences that have helped shape her current medical practice and focus:

  • While at the University of Arizona, Dr. Jena spent time working with Dr. Andrew Weil, having a chance to experience the value of pooling resources with medical practitioners of all specialties. This has helped lead Dr. Jena to her current belief in the practice of Medicine: using all treatments, both Naturopathic and conventional, when appropriate for a particular patient
  • D. Jena spent 6 months training with Dr. Lyn Patrick in the treatment of HIV/AIDS with high dose IV Vitamin C. She currently uses this training in the treatment of chronic tick born disease and chronic fatigue
  • Dr. Jena has trained with the Autism Research Institute (formerly DAN!), giving her the basis of her treatment of autistic children and adults.
  • Dr. Jena spent a week mentoring with world expert Dr. Charles Ray Jones, specialist in the treatment of Pediatric Lyme Disease.  She is a member of ILADS, attending the annual conferences in order to keep most up to date on current treatment options for tick born disease patients.
  • Dr. Jena is attending seminars in cutting edge genetic research, including MTHFR mutations and the treatment of diseases that arise from these.

Dr. Jena spends her free time with her children and cats, with her husband Brendan, practicing Capoeira (a Brazilian martial art), running, skiing, bicycling and generally looking for moments to breathe and enjoy the fullness of life! She looks forward to meeting you and helping you recover and enjoy the fullness of life as well.

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Katie Disharoon, ND

Katie Disharoon, ND

Dr. Katie Disharoon, ND

Dr. Disharoon earned her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from the oldest fully accredited Naturopathic medical school in the country, National College of Natural Medicine (Portland, OR). Dr. Disharoon was Resident Physician at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine’s Medical Center (Tempe, AZ) where she specialized in metabolic and endocrine disorders.

Dr. Katie Disharoon specializes in treating digestive complaints, thyroid hormone concerns and fatigue. Her areas of specialty include IBS, constipation, obesity, hypothyroid and using diet and lifestyle modification to increase vitality and prevent disease. Dr. Disharoon takes the time to listen to and connect with each patient she sees because she has learned that each unique individual deserves personalized care tailored to their needs and condition.

“Naturopathic philosophy resonated with me immediately when I was first introduced to it by my childhood doctor. It just makes sense: prevention is the most sensible way to avoid illness and getting to the root cause of a condition is the only way to truly address and resolve disease. I became a Naturopathic Physician to carry on this philosophy and practicing in this way allows me the great honor of witnessing patients regain their health. I see symptoms as clues the body gives to indicate an imbalance. Treating symptoms is simply a temporary fix that can eventually lead to deeper illness. My goal is to not only follow the symptoms but to also dig deeper and help restore balance in my patients and, better yet, help them reach an even higher level of wellness than before they became ill.”

In 2013, Dr. Disharoon moved back to her home state of Washington and is excited to serve patients in the Puget Sound area.

Dr. Disharoon is licensed in both Arizona and Washington State and is a member of the AANP (American Association of Naturopathic Physicians).

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Dr. Suzanne McMurry (Smokevitch) ND

Suzanne McMurry, ND

Suzanne McMurry, ND

Dr. Suzanne McMurry is a primary care doctor with an emphasis of preventing and treating the underlying cause of disease. By finding the underlying cause rather than masking it through symptom management, patients can expect to experience lasting improvement. Dr. Suzanne addresses each patient as an individual, empowers them to take charge of their health and works with them to establish lifelong healthy habits. She educates patients on how environmental exposures, lifestyle and genetics impact and contribute to their health.

Her treatment recommendations are research based, while maintaining an individual based approach. She sees patients of all ages, with an emphasis in primary care, pediatrics, autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, thyroid disorders, women’s health, especially postpartum care, IV therapy, and oncology.

Dr. Suzanne is a former collegiate athlete, graduating from Michigan State University and earning her Bachelor of Science in Environmental Biology. Most recently, however, she is a new mom!

“As a Naturopathic Doctor, athlete and mother, I fully believe maintaining the foundations of health are the most important aspect of achieving and maintaining wellness. Through my own personal experience, I have been able to improve my own stamina and athletic performance, reduce fatigue, and enhance my immune system.”

She received her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine at Bastyr University in Kenmore, Washington. And went on to complete a two year residency at Indiana University Goshen Hospital, specializing in integrative oncology prevention and co-management. She has extensive experience with improving the quality of life of individuals undergoing cancer treatment enabling them to continue through treatment uninterrupted, and with reduced side effects.

In her downtime she enjoys traveling, cooking, playing soccer and spending time with her family and friends.


  • Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians (OncANP)
  • American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP)
  • Residency, Indiana University Goshen Hospital
  • Natural Doctors International, Ometepe, Nicaragua
  • Michigan State Alumni Association
  • Michigan State Women’s Soccer Alumnus

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Dr. Lillian Lee

Dr. Lillian Lee

Dr. Lillian Lee, PhD, LAc

Dr. Lee earned her Bachelor’s degree in Biology then dove straight into post graduate work at University of California, Davis. She earned a Doctorate in Pharmacology & Toxicology, publishing numerous papers along the way. Despite her academic work in a traditionally Western field, Dr. Lee never lost sight of her childhood interest. She decided to devote herself to a career in acupuncture and herbal medicine.

To this end, Dr. Lee earned a master’s degree in acupuncture from Bastyr university in 2009, then spent another year in a residency program there. With her studies completed, Dr. Lee began private practice, while still keeping ties to her alma matar. She continues lecturing and mentoring at Bastyr as an Adjunct Faculty member.

Dr. Lee joins Full Circle Natural Medicine as a licensed acupuncturist. She draws upon her wealth of expertise in the field, not only as a clinician but also as a scientist Dr. Lee’s doctoral experience in the field of neurotrauma proved invaluable in the treatment of her father, who experienced a severe stroke a few years ago. His doctors said he’d spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair, but following Dr. Lee’s treatments, he has recovered enough mobility to go walking with his grandson

Dr. Lee loves traditional Chinese medicine for its holistic qualities, and for its focus on each individual patient. Anyone visiting her can expect a personal, customized treatment regimen, tailored to their specific needs.

Dr. Lee specializes in the treatment of chronic pain, joint pain, arthritis, muscle aches and general sports medicine. She is trained to use acupuncture in a variety of other ways, including:

  • Stroke recovery
  • Pain management
  • Depression
  • Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia
  • Fertility
  • Menopausal Symptoms
  • Facial rejuvenation

Dr. Lee is also versed in Chinese herbalism. She prescribes and designs herbal treatments as appropriate for her patients.

Outside of her practice, Dr. Lee is endlessly busy.   She loves to read and learn, her bookcase is filled with dozens of volumes on the medical field.  She also has a three-year old son named Desmond who keeps her on her toes.

Education and Credentials

Bastyr University (Seattle, WA), Masters of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
University of California, Davis (Davis, CA), Doctorate in Pharmacology/Toxicology
University of California, Davis (Davis, CA), Bachelors in Biology
(WEAMA), Member, Board Member


Sarah Martin, Administrative Assistant

Sarah Martin

Sarah Martin

Sarah is the newest member of Full Circle Natural Medicine, bringing a varied history in administration, management, and natural wellness along with her. Sarah has taken part in the world of medicine since becoming a birth doula in 2011. As a doula, Sarah loves listening empathetically to her clients and connecting over life’s challenges and joys. She is excited to bring this warm energy to the Full Circle Natural Medicine team!

As a PNW native, she is in constant awe of the healing, fertile beauty of the waters and mountains of her home and is always looking to expand her knowledge of how to work with nature to heal ourselves from the inside out. When she is not working or in school, Sarah enjoys adventures with her daughter in the outdoors, fermenting crazy foods in her kitchen, mushroom hunting, and tending to her bees in the backyard.