HCG Food Tips

Food Tips for Phase 2

Remember to vary your protein and vegetables from meal to meal. This will not only help with your weight loss, but will also fight off food boredom.

To cook meats such as chicken and sirloin you may use a grill (George Formans are always handy) or fry it in a pan. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need butter, oil, or cooking spray in the pan to cook meat. All you have to do is turn the heat on high under your pan and allow it to get nice and HOT. You will then put your meat in the pan and sear it on each side for a few minutes. You can then reduce the heat to medium and allow it to cook through a bit more. Searing the meat locks in the juices and flavor. You will be amazed at how much better it tastes without oils!

When returning from the grocery store, weigh out each portion of meat and wrap separately before freezing. This makes it simple and easy to pull out exactly what you need for the next day’s lunch and dinner.