Full Circle Natural Medicine is proudly offering more herbal support for our patients. New organic and locally crafted herbal teas and powders are now available. These formulas are great ways to integrate herbal medicine into your health care plan and overall healthy lifestyle. They are specially formulated by a local herbalist, Katya Difani, owner of Herban Wellness, and prepared by our herbalist, Taylor Jeffers.

These wonderful teas can support you in your goals of increasing energy, losing weight, detoxifing, decreasing stress and anxiety, and improving gut health.

We currently offer:

Fiber Blend
Contains: Psyllium husks, marshmallow root powder, milk thistle seed powder, burdock root powder, and beet root powder. **All ingredients are organic**
This fiber blend contains herbs that are beneficial to the liver and kidneys and is soothing to the entire GI tract.

Rebalancing Cleanse Support Tea
Contains: Dandelion root, licorice root, anise seed, burdock root, red clover blossoms, hyssop, hinkgo leaf, cleavers, calendula flowers, prickly ash bark, and peppermint leaf. **All ingredients are organic**
A delightful tea that is gentle enough to provide short and long term detoxification support.

Stress Adaptation Tea
Contains: Eleuthero root, licorice root, devil’s club root, and cinnamon bark. **All ingredients are organic**
A tea designed to support adrenal function and reduce the effects of stress on the body.
If you do not tolerate licorice for any reason, we have a modified version that includes linden flower and leaf, which is a mild anxiolytic and hypotensive.