Favorite Supplements

As a patient, you’ve no doubt been prescribed supplements to help with illnesses or disorders. Ever wonder what the doctors choose for themselves? We did, so we asked them what their favorite go-to supplements are for spring. Here’s what they had to say.

Dr. Jena relies on Thorne’s Phytogen, because it “stops a cold in its tracks.” She says it’s a great immune support and is effective for viruses where other conventional medicine doesn’t work.

Dr. Melissa reaches for Designs for Health’s Quercitin + Nettles at the first sign of spring allergies — and especially after those Seattle windstorms that blow the pollen around.

Dr. Suzanne mixes Vital Nutrients’ Berry Well into her 2 year-old daughter’s applesauce each day. It helps protect her from catching all the day-care bugs, and her daughter loves the color — she thinks all applesauce is purple!

Dr. Linda likes ConcenTrace’s Trace Minerals, saying “We don’t get enough minerals in our food supply anymore.” She explains that minerals are necessary for proper neural function, like a nervous twitch you get, waking up still tired and groggy, or when your road rage has gotten out of control. Trace minerals will keep you grounded.