Good Supplements?

Not all supplements are created equal!

In 2015, the FDA found that several large retailers of herbal supplements did not have the substance inside that the label said outside. GNC, Walmart, Walgreens, and Target sold supplements that, when tested, did not contain the stated product within the capsules/tablets and furthermore contained fillers that could be harmful to people with allergies. These fillers were not listed in the ingredients.

How do you get the quality herbal products your naturopath prescribes?

  • Be sure to get the brand cleared by your naturopath. There are many highly reputable manufacturers and your doctor can help sort out who is who.
  • All of the brands sold at your naturopath’s office are tested for content and potency within and using outside testing laboratories to prevent bias.
  • Your naturopath can give you the expert advice you need for the supplements you take. This will insure good quality and safety.

Full Circle Natural Medicine carries high-quality, researched-based nutritional supplements that are designed to enhance your health and well-being. We hand select every supplement on our shelves to make sure it is the best of its kind. And, as an added bonus, because your FCNM doctor prescribes the supplement for you, the supplements aren’t subject to tax. If you purchase them online or in a store, you’ll have to pay tax.

–Linda Alva Crofoot, ND