Just … breathe!

Two minutes of your time will reduce stress and calm your mind! All you have to do is … breathe.

Although breathing is an automated action, it can be controlled. In putting attention to breathing, you are able to modulate other automated systems such as your heart and mind.

By taking a moment to count your breaths, you reduce your stress level, which will in turn lower your blood pressure and also calm your mind, reducing muscular tension.

During the exercise, the mind has a tendency to wander away. Once you become aware of this, deliberately return to the exercise of counting each breath.

This will only take two minutes of your time:

  • Sit upright in a comfortable chair or on the floor.
  • Count the number of breaths (inhale/exhale = 1 breath).
  • As you count, notice areas of pain and stiffness in your body relax and loosen.
  • Continue relaxing with each breath you count.
  • Notice if the breathing develops a slower rhythm.

What a refreshing way to reset your breathing, heart and mind! And its Gluten free!

This exercise can also be done before bed to relax. Increase exercise in two-minute increments, the more practice the greater the results.

–Linda Alva Crofoot, ND