Love Your Heart

Dear Heart,

Because I love you I will:

  • Start my day with 5 minutes of mindful breathing, in gratitude for the new day

I will support your circulation by:

  • Putting fiber and unsaturated oil in my diet to keep my cholesterol levels normal

To keep you beating steady and strong

  • I will have at least 30 minutes of cardio exercise, five times a week

I will give you your favorite foods:

  • A rainbow of organic vegetables, lean meat, cold water fish and
  • Desserts with lots of beautiful dark colored berries, fruit and walnuts

And in the evening, as we watch the sunset, my dear:

  • I will toast you with a glass of red wine and 70% cacao dark chocolate

Before I lay my head to rest:

  • A magnesium supplement will keep you steady throughout the night.

All these things and more I do for you because without you, my dear heart, I am nothing.

 Dr. Linda Alva Crofoot