Nutritious Bone Broth

by Suzanne McMurry, ND

Bone broth is pretty much exactly what it sounds … bones simmered for about 24 hours making a delicious and nutritious drink.
The Benefits
1. Boosts immunity! The high essential mineral and amino acid content have been proven to speed recovery from colds/flus.
2. Phlegm fighter — Cysteine, an amino acid found in chicken bones, actually thins mucus making it easier to clear.
3. Anti-inflammatory — Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfates stimulate collagen growth, repair joint damage, reduce pain and inflammation. Gelatin restores digestive health and combats leaky gut. It also makes for some shiny hair and strong nails!
4. Promotes relaxation — Glycine, an amino acid, is calming and helps promote restful sleep. Calcium and magnesium are muscle relaxants and promote bone health.

How can I incorporate it into my foods?
1. Hot tea: Drink before bedtime to promote restful sleep. Try adding fresh ginger, herbs, spices, miso, or sea veggies.
2. Grains: Use all or some of the liquid when preparing grains; adds protein and flavor and enhances digestion.
3. Soups and vegetables: Use frozen broth, stored in an ice cube tray, to add flavor and nutrients to your favorite dishes!

See Dr. Suzanne’s article in PCC’s Sound Consumer.