Spring Exercise

Tips to start your spring exercise routine

You receive health benefits for every increment of exercise that you add to your day, but ideally the American Medical Association recommends that you get about one hour of exercise every day.  That may seem overwhelming at first, but if you start slow — 10 to 15 minutes twice a day will get you there.

  1. Exercise first thing in the morning.  It’s tough to get up early, especially after the switch to daylight savings time, but after a couple days you do get used to it. If you wait until the end of the day it is more likely that something else will come up.
  2. Put it on your schedule, just like any other appointment. If you like work-out classes, sign up for the class in advance.
  3. Recruit a buddy. Send out an email or post a request on Facebook. If you’re getting up early to meet a friend, you will be much more likely to show up. It also makes the  run/walk/workout more fun if you’re not alone.
  4. Choose an activity that you enjoy.  If you hate running, don’t plan to run.  Be creative — dance, yoga, hiking are all great forms of exercise, and you even switch up the activities every day if that keeps you engaged.

— Melissa Minoff, ND, LAc