Turmeric, a spice familiar to East Indian cuisine, contains a constituent called curcumin. Curcumin has been found to be an amazing anti-inflammatory supplement. It works on multiple pathways within the body so whether you are battling cancer or living with diabetes, this is the supplement you want to include in your daily regimen. In addition to its anti-inflammatory benefits, it also protects the liver, even if you are talking about the occasional hangover!

Inflammation is involved in any disease process a person may experience, but turmeric also supports the healthy individual to modulate daily inflammation that occurs from a large meal, a daily workout, or a jog around the block.

The best supplement will contain 95% curcuminoids per capsule and have a small but necessary amount of black pepper or piper nigrum. This will increase your body’s ability to absorb turmeric into the bloodstream. For a healthy person, 2 grams of turmeric a day is a sufficient dose, but studies have found it to be safe up to 12 grams. Speaking of studies, there are over 12,000 studies that have been done on this ancient herb! It is amazing and safe.

If you want to be sure to get the right supplement, at the right dose, contact our office.

–Dr. Linda Alva-Crofoot