Pediatric Care

PediatricThe care of children involves the physical, mental, emotional, genetic, and environmental aspects of health. We support recovery from illness, but place particular importance on prevention and development. Children and adolescents can be encouraged, through understanding and compassion, to listen to their bodies and learn health and nutrition habits that will stand them in good stead all throughout their lives.

On the first visit we want to get to know your child. We will take a complete health history, and discuss with you the genetic, environmental and nutritional factors that may influence the child’s health. This is a great time to ask any questions you have about our healthcare approach and services, and about what’s best for your child.

A well child checkup includes a physical exam and a comprehensive assessment. We will be looking to ascertain the health and developmental state of the whole child — neurological, cardiovascular, respiratory, gastroinstinal, musculoskeletal, sensory, EENT and more. Our goal will be to identify and suggest nutritional and therapeutic strategies to support the child’s development.

If your child is ill, we will perform an exam and may order laboratory tests to aid in diagnosis. Where indicated, we may prescribe remedies and treatment tailored to your child’s needs. Nutrition, botanicals and homepathic treatments are effective tools, and we may also suggest therapies and treatment for you to perform at home. We will always recommend evaluation by a specialist when that is indicated, as would every responsible primary care physician.