Clean and Lean HCG Weight Loss Program

The Clean and Lean HCG Weight Loss Program allows you to:

  • Rid yourself of excess weight that you could never lose before.
  • Reset your metabolism to its optimal setting.
  • Reach optimal energy and ideal mood.
  • Reduce elevated blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol.
  • Form new habits around eating and food in a non-toxic, health-enhancing way.
  • Optimize your health to avoid debilitating diseases.

Based on the extensive research and clinical experience of Dr. ATW Simeons, the Clean and Lean HCG Weight Loss Program is a three-month program that will change your life in a way nothing else can. Totally different from traditional diet, exercise, and lifestyle programs, it features hCG, (human chorionic gonadatropin), an all-natural bioidentical hormone taken in very small doses to reset your body’s endocrine glands
to their optimal secretion levels.

This will level your blood sugar, reducing hunger and cravings, dramatically increase energy, and improve sleep. You will wake well-rested with a feeling of elevated self-esteem and optimism you may have forgotten was possible.

Patients report that nothing they have ever tried has come close to the life-changing effects of the Clean and Lean HCG Weight Loss Program. You can lose a pound a day (or more) by combining the hCG with a specific, low calorie diet. The weight will melt off – and you’ll feel great!

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 P.S. Want to read Dr. Simeons’ original protocol? Dr_Simeons_Plan_with_Companion_Guide.